Traditional Clothing

Celebrating the 1st of December we could not miss wearing our most precious pieces of clothing, the traditional shirts called “ie”. In the present days we use these shirts just in special cases, such as the National Day, but even if we do not wear them regularly, every girl has at least one in her wardrobe.

The original shirts are truly pieces of art! They are hand-made, with different materials and decorations. They can be made of silk, embroidered with gold thread or colored silk stitches and decorated with pearls. Others are wool based sewn with traditional motifs, by feel they are very soft and thin.

In the medieval period was shaped the aesthetic vision of clothing assemblies worn by Romanians. Socio-economic conditions of the feudal period and administrative-territorial units, that made up the so-called “countries”, gave rise to specific types of costumes with local specificity for the Romanian lands. But regional variations were reported as prototypes and formed the basis, which proved the unity and diversity of Romanian popular costumes.

The climax of the artistic value of traditional costumes was reached in the mid-nineteenth century, when the Romanians spread out the designs throughout all the principalities. In the context of building the national conscience it was settled out the key-insignia of Romanian traditional costumes that distinguish themselves from surrounding ethnic groups.

After World War I, the popular clothing generalized across traditional communities. It remained in the everyday life of the older generation, becoming a ceremonial vestment for the young ones. During the communist period, the creation of new pieces of traditional clothing decreased severely, therefore the original pieces created in the present days or preserved from older times are true values for us.

Wearing these kind of costumes during celebrations helps us illustrate the beautiful Romanian motifs we have, each shirt having original elements, being unique somehow. The colors and materials used and the way it is sewn evaluates the price of these pieces of art, an original shirt made very carefully reaching really high prices.

Popular clothing is now part of our musical traditions as well, every folk soloists or folk dance ensembles having a wide range of costumes.

Click on the photos.


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