The play

As our National Day has a very important significance from a historical point of view, some colleagues very keen on history and theater, have decided to put into a play the whole historical event that took place on the 1st December 1918. This National Day was set after the Romanian Revolution and it marks the unification of Transylvania, but also of the provinces of Bessarabia and Bukovina with the Romanian Kingdom, in 1918.

Before all the celebration started, which involved all dances and the traditional music, those 3 talented boys grouped along with other students to form the representatives of each of the 3 Romanian Principalities. Ahead with the National Flag and the blazon of each Principality, they recited the Declarations of Independence made by every representative, literally as they are written in the old history books that mention these documents.

After some solemn moments, all those separated Principalities got together in a dance, the traditional “Hora”, symbol of the union between all the Romanians who lived near one each other, yet so far away.

Besides all the historical significance this holiday has, our community managed to transform a National Event into an artistic moment, which taught us an important lesson about our ancestors and how hard they tried to make our country great and to make us understand that wherever we lived, we were all the same, no matter under what laws were the Principalities ruled.

Click on the photos.


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