Social Soire

During the 1st of December celebrations, our community develops all the artistic skills we, Romanians, have. Along with dancing, singing and wearing the traditional clothing called “ie”, we also learn how to sew our traditional motifs on pieces of cloth. All children gathered together learn how to sew from our teachers, who already know all the tricks, because we have to preserve our traditions in order not to waste them.

Click on the photos.


While sitting together and sewing, children  also remember to socialize with each other, because this was the true meaning of a social soire back then, in the times of our grand-grandparents. They gathered every Sunday to dance and to sew, to exchange experiences and opinions together, meeting every time new people and learning from them the most interesting things.

We tried to reproduce a day as it was in the past, therefore we could not miss the beautiful gatherings into a social soire, developed not in an old rural house’s garden, but in our classrooms, in the middle of the city of Constanta.



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