Hore (Traditional Dances)

          Hora (pl. hore) is a traditional Romanian folk dance where the dancers hold each other’s hands and the circle spins, usually counterclockwise, as each participant follows a sequence of three steps forward and one step backward. The dance is usually accompanied by musical instruments such as the cimbalom, accordion, violin, viola, double bass, saxophone, trumpet or the pan pipes.


The Hora is popular during wedding celebrations and festivals and is an essential part of the social entertainment in rural areas, becoming a dance usually danced in urban areas just at some traditional occasions. One of the most famous hore is Hora Unirii (Hora of the Union), which became a Romanian patriotic song as a result of being the hymn when Wallachia and Moldavia united to form the Principality of Romania in 1859.


1st December represents for the Romanians the day when all three Principalities of Romania got united, therefore it became our National Day. Every 1st of December our school organizes a retrospective day in which we celebrate as our ancestors used to. Hora is the dance that represents us, that’s why all 1200 students get together in this rounded dance and remember that they are proud to be Romanians. Although we do not have live music to accompany us with all instruments, due to technology we could dance happily because our audio system has been able to cover the whole courtyard. And this dance is just a part of our traditions usually developed on 1st of December each year.


1st of December “Movie Trailer”


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